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Since 2013, we've always placed partnerships at the heart of our work to enable greater reach and impact. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on all we're up to!

Successful arts organisations don’t operate in isolation and so we understand and take responsibility for the role we play within the creative ecologies on a local, regional and national level by connecting and participating in key partnerships and networks. 

These partnerships further enhance and support our own work, whilst enabling others to succeed around us.

We support the increase of access to creative and cultural opportunities across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire as members of ChalleNGe (since 2017) and Captivate (since 2019), the cultural education partnerships of Nottingham City and Mansfield & Ashfield respectively. 

We seek to open up early-career opportunities in arts administration and production as a member of Creative Pathways, led by the University of Nottingham (since 2019).

We fundamentally believe in the supporting of great artists and theatre makers across the East Midlands as a partner of In Good Company since 2019 (after being one of the inaugural associate of the programme in 2014).

We connect with city-wide priorities for the arts and culture in Nottingham as an active member of the city’s Strategic Cultural Partnership, since 2020.