Our Story


We're an indepdendent theatre company, creative producer and arts charity based in Nottingham.

We believe that CREATIVITY IS POWER and dream of a future TRANSFORMED 

At Nonsuch Studios we believe that the power of creativity can benefit the lives of everyone regardless or age, cultural background or access to opportunity. We want to make sure that everyone has the chance to explore their creativity, artistic expression and cultural freedoms and, by doing so, we strive to empower our communities to celebrate life, and the world in which they live.


The Fun Police, 2015-2017


In 2013 a group of graduate artists and theatre-makers came together to create a theatre company that was a little bit different, inspired by the power of creativity and desire to make amazing creative and cultural experiences, what was once called, Nonsuch Theatre was born.

Since then, we’ve created 7 original productions which have toured the UK, worked with over 20,000 individuals through our community projects and reached over 4.5million individuals across the UK through our online work and programmes. Alongside that, we’ve established Nottingham’s first and only independent theatre and creative venue, which is now our home, Nonsuch Studios (our official name since 2017).

At the heart of what we do is our mission to empower cultural freedom through unlocking creativity and celebrating life, and we aim to achieve this through our core charitable objectives: advancing the arts, encouraging and developing public participation in the arts and supporting community cohesion, well-being and capacity building through arts practice and promoting, supporting and developing opportunities for communities to be inspired and empowered to produce, shape and deliver community activities and enterprises.

Put simply, we work with a person-centred approach to utilise theatre and the wider arts to improve the lives of audiences, communities and individuals. Our work is shaped by a shared belief that Creativity is Power and with that power, we deliver our core programmes of work.