Notts Youth Trends 2023

Notts Youth Trends is back and bigger than ever for our 2023 survey and we need your help to activate the voices of thousands of 11-25s from across Nottinghamshire!
March 28, 2024

NottsYouthTrends 2023

What is Notts Youth Trends? 

Nottinghamshire's largest youth voice survey listening to the voices, opinions and demands of 11-25-year-olds living across Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire to make the city and county a better place to grow-up, learn and achieve in.

Started in 2018, NottsYouthTrends has been led by Nonsuch Studios as part of our mission to empower creativity and access to opportunity. This year NottsYouthTrends is hoping to hear from the largest number of under 25s from across the city and county as possible to create the broadest understanding of what is it to be a young person living and working in Nottinghamshire today.

We're also thrilled to announce that the programme is being supported by the University of Nottingham's City as Lab programme, which will enable us to host workshops and insight sessions with groups of under 25s from across the county to unpack, expand upon and delve deeper into the findings as the survey results come through.

The survey which collects anonymous data from any 11-25-year-old from across Nottinghamshire. The data will then be analysed by the NottsYouthTrends team and lead to the creation of a report which will shared at a youth-led launch event in 2024.

How do we use the data? 

"It is becoming increasingly important for all universities to not just share our research, but involve the public in working out what problems we need to solve and how we can collectively tackle them.We want to know what children and young people in Notts think so that we can better understand what they are most passionate about. The data from Notts Youth Trends will be shared with partners across the city to help them shape their services and inform decisions about where to prioritise resources. It will also feed into the local work City as Lab are beginning to develop, informing their research strand named ‘improving the lives of young people’. Lastly, we are really excited that this survey is supporting Nottingham’s bid to become a UNICEF Child Friendly City.  In order to do this it is essential that we work with our young people, listen to their concerns and collaborate to make the city a better place to grow up" University of Nottingham

How to get involved

Want to fill in the survey or know someone who should? 

Send them to where they can fill in the survey in around 20-30 minutes. Anyone aged 13-25 can fill it in on their own and those aged 11 & 12 should fill it in with adult supervision and permission.

Take the Survey

Support your young people to take the survey

  • PHSE Lesson plan with survey link
  • Share survey link with young people
  • complete the survey together in class time

Insight Sessions

As part of this data collection, Notts Youth Trends also holding Insight sessions for hard to reach groups who may not otherwise be able to share their voice. If you work with a anyone groups aged 11-25 who you think would be interested to share their voice

Click here to find out more about how Insight Sessions can work in your setting

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Want to support 11-25s to have their voices heard?

If you work with under 25s across Nottinghamshire in any capacity, we'd love your support to enable us to reach as broad a cohort as possible. The survey findings are published publicly, so everyone benefits from making sure as many people as possible fill in the survey as possible.

If You're A Teacher, Lecturer or Educator

Schools, FE & HE are a great way for to gather large numbers of responses and we love to collaborate with educational institutions. If schools and colleges are able to support at least 200 responses from their local postcode area, we're able to extract an anonymised sample of the findings that hone in on their local community and catchment, which enable schools and colleges to effect change in their own planning on a localised level.

If you have any further thoughts ideas or questions?

Email us at to discuss your thoughts!