Emergency Chorus
Landscape (1989)
Thursday, November 2, 2023

Placing their ears to the forest floor, award winning performance makers Emergency Chorus explore the secret life of mushrooms — and what they might say to us in an age of climate emergency. 

A razed forest, a cluster of mushrooms and two people walking towards the horizon. One foot in front of the other.

Landscape (1989) artfully weaves together the history of mushroom hunting in Oregon, the early life of John Cage, and apocalypse fiction: a haunting vision of ruin and repair. Through choreography, found text, live cooking and striking imagery, Landscape (1989) invites audiences to pay attention to the slower, stranger world of fungi. In the face of catastrophe, how do we go on?​

‘Work that rumbles around in your head long after it’s over.´ Lyn Gardner

★★★★ ‘A bold attempt to examine the world beyond the human perspective.’ The List

‘Delicate, lace-like and trusting ... entrancing in its own quiet way’. The Stage

Emergency Chorus is Ben Kulvichit (UK/Thailand, he/him) and Clara Potter-Sweet (UK, she/they). Based between Bristol and London, we have been making performance across experimental theatre, live art and dance since 2017. Our work always deals, in one way or another, with the continuing state of crisis we find our world in, and the difficult task of imagining and creating radical futures. 

Other works include: Town Criers (2023 / a community ‘choir of criers’ pop-up performance), Ways of Knowing (forthcoming 2023 / a dance work circling methods of predicting the future), CELEBRATION (2016 / a theatre piece exploring the use of hope and optimism).

Our work has taken the form of theatre shows, short audio and video work, durational performance, interventions in public space, curation and teaching/facilitation. We like our work to feel ambiguous, playful, fragile, strange, appealing and troublesome.